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teambuilding Outdoor training is an up-to-date and strong tool for achieving high team performance, improving of communication skills and developing open and friendly relationships in the work teams. We are proud that it was us, who started boom of outdoor training in Czech Republic some years ago.

As most of teambuilding courses take place in Czech Republic, our customers are looking for new destinations for their events. We can arrange your teambuilding course in foreign country. Some locations we know can provide great conditions for outdoor activities - you can go sailing, rafting, cycling, try canyoning, climb mountains, etc. What's more: you won't loose your precious time as all activities are accessible within short range from your hotel.

Experienced trainers and instructors will ensure an open and friendly atmosphere during our corporate teambuilding programs. This greatly helps the participants to become more familiar with each other which in turn help to improve and strengthen the relationships in their work team. Openness, cheerfulness, willingness and ability to work together carry over into the work environment.

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