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starting-up expeditions

Starting-up expeditions

Did you hire new people and now you need to work together as a strong team? Getting know each other's skills, develop personal relationships, trust each other… All these processes normally take weeks, but you don't have that much time. We offer the most efficient method: starting-up expeditions.

These programs usually involve quite adventurous scenario when each member of the group depend on the group itself. Strong and unique experience, sharing of challenging situations and dealing with real problems will bring people together, push individual limits and soon the real team roles will occur.

Safety of participants and facilitating of the program is ensured by instructor/s with excellent knowledge of the region and team leading experience. For starting-up expeditions we hire only the best guides/facilitators who are educated in social psychology and have certificates of wilderness medicine course.

Your team can cross vast Romanian mountains, cruise Adriatic on a yacht or paddle in sea kayaks around tide glaciers in Alaska. No matter where you decide to go, we can guarantee that your people will return back as a strong team.

The following programs are for your inspiration; they are cross-section of what we have done in the past or what our customers like to experience.

Wild Alaska

Week long expedition brings us to the wild Alaskan fiords, among tide glaciers, bald eagles and bears. We will paddle in sea kayaks, camp on islands, catch salmon and admire pure Alaskan nature. At the end of trip we visit national park Denali with highest concentration of wildlife in North America.

Team summit in Austria

Weekend trip to one of the attractive mountain of Austrian Alps. Together as a team we will climb to summit – not only to have nice view, but also to celebrate team spirit. We will sleep in mountain huts and the program will be adjusted so it can be managed by all participants.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Only week we need to fly to Tanzania, climb highest peak of Africa, see wild animals and come back! After acclimatization in Moshi we will start 5-day hike to the 5895 m high summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. The climb is not technically difficult and can be done by any healthy person. Fourth day in the morning we will summit, celebrate our team success and watch the sun rising above the Africa’s plains. Our group will be supported by local guides, porters and cook, so we will carry only small backpacks.

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