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relaxation programs

Relaxation programs

It's time to relax! Your hard working employees deserve a break from the office. Leisure and relaxation trips will help your people regain new power and enthusiasm and thus in long term increase your company performance. Relaxation trips and leisure programs can be implemented in your reward program or you can impress your business partners and invite them for a trip.

Properly set-up program and chosen activities are crucial for success of these trips. What is leisure for someone can be physically demanding for others. Depending on your team needs we will design customized itinerary - so your people can relax and have fun at the same time.

You can taste wines in French cellars, indoor ski in United Arab Emirates, relax in famous Hawaii beaches or just enjoy beautiful countryside in Swiss Alps. Options are endless - the world is waiting for you!

The following programs are for your inspiration; they are cross-section of what we have done in the past or what our customers like to experience..


Eight days of traveling in China from Beijing to Shanghai. We will visit 500 years isolated Forbidden City, walk on the Great Wall, admire unbelievable country on the border with Tibet or learn something from one of the oldest and greatest culture in the world.

“Canaries” as you don’t know them

Canary Islands are not just year-round warm sea and luxury resorts. During our stay we will explore rain forests and fascinating volcanic deserts, climb active volcanoes and admire rock formations and cliffs of deep gorges. Accommodation is quiet seaside resort.


Relaxation program in Corsica – the most charming island of Mediterranean. While we will be staying in the quiet seaside resort, everyday we will offer you something new: With our instructors you can try rock climbing, explore canyons, scuba dive, visit sea nature preserve, climb peaks, or visit Napoleon’s hometown Ajaccio.

Oktoberfest in Munich

Invite your employees to the biggest bar in the world! We will visit Bavarian capital Munich with its unique Oktoberfest atmosphere and then we move to mountain resort Garmisch-Partenkirchen. There we will hop to the steepest cable car in Europe to get to the top of highest mountain of Germany, Zugspitze.

Mediterranean Cruise

During 5-day cruise on luxury ship we will see Marseille, Valencia, Gibraltar and other beautiful places. Our ship offers large and cozy cabins and surprises us by generous theater, sport center or swimming pools. In the evening you can dance, listen to music or just sit on the upper deck and relax.

Cycling and wine cellars of Podyjí

Weekend cycling in beautiful nature of “Podyjí” and in picturesque villages of southern Moravia. We will see town Valtice and the chateau “Lednice” with its large park and number of architectonical monuments. The trip will be finished in traditional Moravian wine cellar where we can taste great local wines and learn some traditional folk songs.

Austria – Salzkammergut

Relaxation program in one of the most beautiful parts of Austrian Alps. We will stay in picturesque mountain town Hallstat under the peak of Dachstain where we can relax in thermal pools, bicycle around lakes, visit famous salt mines or just enjoy mountain scenery.

Vienna, mountains and thermal spas

We are inviting you to the Vienna and to the nearby “forgotten” mountains of Schneeberg. Our trip will end in renowned roman spas in Baden. Here you can bath in indoor or outdoor pools, try waterslides or relax in whirlpools.


Relaxation trip to southern Thailand, to the world of many islands, steep limestone cliffs and romantic beaches. Except of relaxing we try traditional cuisine, explore tropical jungle, see Buddhist temples, ride elephants or enjoy healing Thai massage.

Wine, see and rivers of Provence

Week long tour to the charming Provence, famous for its nature and wine. We will travel through rolling countryside shining with sunflower and lavender fields, visit picturesque villages an taste local wines. During our program we will enjoy canoeing on river Ardeche and hiking along Grand Canyon of Verdon.

Tropical Islands in Berlin

Even in the middle of winter you can sunbath on tropical island – not further that 3 hour drive from Prague! Near Berlin, in the former airship factory, we can swim, relax under the palm trees, explore tropical rainforest, play beach volleyball, see performance of cultural groups from all over the world and at the end of this wonderful day you can even fly with hot-air balloon.

Be inspired!
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