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teambuilding and personal growth

Teambuilding and Personal growth

In the beginning of 21st century everyone need to keep with fast-changing world. As information play major role in most of today's businesses, new skills are vital for success on the market. Therefore in our teambuilding courses we focus on communication skills, but not only on them - leadership, change management, risk management, and motivational skills are important themes on our courses as well.

As strong and new experiences are vital for personal growth, during our programs we emphasize experiential learning. This method is much more effective then listening to ordinary lectures; very important is also feedback from your colleagues. On our courses you will have fun and learn at the same time and so you will remember all much longer then theory learned of books.

Our programs lead experienced instructors and trainers; if program requires we hire specialists to provide the best quality of the program.

The following programs are for your inspiration; they are cross-section of what we have done in the past or what our customers like to experience.


Rafting is pure team activity – the whole crew is on one boat and to get safely down the river requires cooperation and coordination of the team. Most of our rafting programs we organize in Austria or Italy where we hire local expert raft companies. In Czech Republic we organize easy rafting on rivers or even in the center of Prague – on white water course in Troja.

“Classic” Teambuilding course

By experiencing various activities, participants explore self-understanding, responsibility, independence, honesty and creativity, among other things. Each program is different – we work closely with you to accomplish the goals you have set for the program. Openness, cheerfulness, willingness and ability to work together carry over into the work environment.


With professional cavemen we will explore fascinating underworld of caves not normally accessible by public. All participants will proceed together as a group and according to the nature conditions will also try abseiling, crawling and other cave activities.

Airborne invasion

Program, which tests communication in team, trust and operative decision-making. Small groups are set in unknown place (usually at night) and their task is to get as fast as possible to the base camp. To achieve that, the groups must read the map, solve difficult tasks, prepare food and help each other. The whole invasion can be up-to 10 hours long.

Winter team programs

Winter and snow enables great opportunities for different activities – come with us to the mountains and try dog sledging, snow shoes, ice sculpturing, telemark skiing and many more!

Be inspired!
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