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family programs

Family programs

HR managers know well that happy employees have happy family. We will help you to prepare program not only for your team members, but also for their partners and children.

Families can be together all the time during the trip, but we can also arrange separate program for adults and little ones or provide baby-sitting during some evenings. Thus your employees can be involved in the program and enjoy their children at the same time. You can explore amazing theme parks; go to the beach or try sculpturing or painting under the supervision of a master.

Our family programs range from "family days" to week long trips to European destinations. Among most popular tours are Netherlands (with fantastic dolphinarium and tons of other attractions), boating in Provence or easy cycling in Denmark with "must-see" Legoland.

The following programs are for your inspiration; they are cross-section of what we have done in the past or what our customers like to experience.


No other European city offers so much to the children. If we forget about Eiffel tower, the biggest attraction is definitely Disneyland, where your little ones could spend days... Another interesting place is Louver, where we will prepare special tour for children or interactive exhibition in scientific center Cité de la Villette.

Beskydy on horses

During long weekend children and parents will have enough time to learn basics of horseback riding. We start slowly in stables and when ready, will go to the nature. Program with horses alternates with relaxing, games and creative activities.

Netherlands – land of children

When you travel across Netherlands, everyday you find new thrilling attractions for children. How about biggest European dolphinarium in Harderwijk, amusement water park in sand dunes of Duinrell or famous Madurodam with miniatures from whole Holland?

Yachts and Canal boating

Not many people know, that France, Holland, England or Ireland are criss-crossed by net of hundreds waterways, canals, aqua ducts and even water tunnels! You can quietly float, enjoy the romantic sceneries or anchor in the centre of busy Amsterdam. Ships are comfortably equipped and their control is quite easy.

Family weekend programs in Czech Republic

  • Indian games and camping – we will try archery, ride horses, make moccasins, play indian games and sleep in real tee-pee.

  • Creative workshops – painting, carving, pottery, photography, weaving, basketry and many more…

  • Movie shooting – we will let children to make their own movie. They will play, direct, cut, help with script, shoot, etc.

  • Harry Potter day – program full of games and fun activities where children and adults participate at the same time.

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